Stillness and Motion: Two Approaches to connection 17th July

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

ScarlotRose Photography @Roses Rope, Model: The_Illume

Taught by guest teacher LacedLines, with Quartz

In this session we will explore two contracting approaches to discovering and meeting your partner through the ropes. In the first half we will explore dynamic movement, trust and play. This will be a chance for the person being ties to discover  expression through movement. The rigger will need to consider rope handling and flow, as well as the power dynamics within the scene.

The second half will take a different approach. We will explore stillness, and vulnerability through observation. It takes confidence and skill to have the patience needed to truly observe and respond to your partner. In this session we will explore the power of “seeing” a person, and feeling seen, as well as some Yukimura and Barkas-inspired methods of communication.

For many of us, the expression of our own sexuality/sensuality is a complex thing, as is our relationship to shame in our society. Because of this, some of you may find this session challenging.


Meet our guest teacher, LacedLines (she/her)

“To me, rope is many-faceted, and completely dependent on who you tie with. It’s a process of discovery that reveals something of who that person is. It feels like a huge privilege to see what they share. My rope is a mixture of styles that draw from Japanese roots. It tries to come back to the core of the experience that I am giving, trying to see the person, and hear them too. To me, that means intimacy, trust, and an ability to question, not monologue.

I usually take one of two approaches: fluidity and movement, or stillness and observation.”

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Quartz (they/them)

One of our resident teachers, Quartz is a nonbinary neurodiverse rope switch who loves to explore intensity and communion in rope. Authentic and vulnerable communication is central to the way that they tie, are tied and teach.

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