Objectification in Rope – 25th June

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This class takes place at The Queery, Brighton

See their website for the address, accessibility, transport & facilities info.

Tickets are now on sale for our long-awaited Objectification in Rope class in June.

Playing with feelings of objectification and depersonalisation in rope can be intense and exciting, but it’s important to explore these headspaces in a risk aware, consensual way. Objectification play can vary from displaying your partner in ways that cause them to feel objectified, to using people as furniture – and a lot of things in-between.

During this class, we will explore some of the theory and concepts behind playing with objectification in rope, including ways of protecting everyone’s emotional and physical safety. We’ll teach freestyle techniques for tying people to objects (such as chairs or bamboo), patterns (adapted to different bodies) for using people as furniture, and how to use blindfolds, gags and face rope in a depersonalising way. 

For this class, riggers will need to know how to tie a single column tie, and ideally will know some basic rope handling. Rope bottoms should ideally have been in rope before, and should be able to communicate and identify their needs and boundaries. If you’ve been to any of our Beginner’s Classes, you will have the skills you need for this class. Check out our FAQs or email us if you’re not sure if you qualify

All events are subject to our Infection Prevention & Control rules, this includes booking in pairs with a pre-arranged tying partner. Full details can be found in our Infection Prevention

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