Introduction to Takate Kote (TK/Box Tie) – 30th April

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Takate Kote is a classic Japanese bondage chest harness which can be tied in a myriad of ways. Traditionally, the TK is tied with the arms folded behind the back, however, it can also be tied with the arms crossed in front and as an arms-free harness. It is a structurally strong tie and tying it well requires a good awareness and knowledge of the body, tension and frictions. For bottoms, being tied in a TK can help build your awareness of your own body and it’s needs and limits. This harness is a great building block for levelling your rope up and understanding what makes a tie strong and suspendable.


In this class, we will cover a simple TK pattern, with plenty of tips for bottoms and tops on how to tie it in a risk-aware way, with the least possible stress on the body. We will cover safety concerns that can arise in a TK and how to be aware of them and avoid injury. We will then explore how the harness can be tied without losing connection and play, and discuss how it would be loaded in different suspensions. As with all of our classes, adjustments will be taught to adapt the tie for different body types and health conditions/levels of flexibility.


For this class, you’ll only need to know how to tie a single column tie, and ideally some basic rope handling. As a bottom, you will need some awareness of your body and the ability to communicate this. If you’ve been to any of our Beginner’s Classes, you will have the skills you need for this class.


All events are subject to our COVID-19 rules, this includes booking in pairs with a pre-arranged tying partner. Full details can be found in our Covid Policy

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