Hypnosis for Kink 101 Intensive – 17th September

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Imaginatrix and Sinister

Hypnosis opens so many exciting doors: for pleasure, for behaviour change, for deeper control and for relaxation. In this class, Sinister Denial and HypnoHedonista will introduce the possibilities hypnosis can bring to your BDSM play, and shed some light on the myths surrounding it (yes, it is ‘real’!). We’ll cover everything needed for a risk aware approach, including the specific consent and negotiation issues to be aware of in hypnotic play, and equip attendees with some hypnotic techniques to get you started exploring this wonderful kink.

It will include practical elements, demonstrating techniques you can try out during the workshop. No partner or equipment necessary: just an inquisitive mind!


Sinister (@sinisterdenial) has been experimenting with, teaching, and generally passionate about hypnosis for five years. She now produces hypnotic videos as one half of the production company Mesmerotic, and runs a second studio, EdgeSluts, focused on her other area of expertise: T&D. She’s enthusiastic about teaching hypnosis and helping it to be as accessible as possible to newcomers or giving scene veterans new tools to use in their play. She practises more general kink alongside hypnosis in her daily life, and delights in finding new ways to combine them. She offers professional sessions, tuition and other services online and off, in addition to her paid and free content on Patreon and OnlyFans. She is in a 24/7 ownership dynamic with Trix.

Imaginatrix (@hypnohedonista) has a passion for hypnotic hedonism. As well as being a ride or die kinkster, Trix works full-time as a hypnotic content creator, Domme, and BDSM educator. An eternal switch, her hunger for hypnosis is boundless, whether she’s melting minds or being mesmerised.
She is a certified hypnotist trained in Intregrative Hypnosis Sexual Freedom Hypnosis® techniques, and organises the only monthly erotic hypnosis class in the UK. She makes up the other half of Mesmerotic and brings her erotic hypnosis to OnlyFans and Patreon. She loves deep-diving into hypnotic technique and thinks hypnosis is an incredible tool for connection and pleasure. She is also Sinister’s possession, and hypnosis is a core part of their dynamic.

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