Improver’s Class (Vulnerability) – 15th April

8:15 pm - 11:30 pm

There is an inherent vulnerability to rope bondage. The person being tied makes themself vulnerable to the person tying. There is vulnerability, too, in tying. The intensity of the connection between two people in a rope scene is potentially vulnerable for all involved, and it’s useful to explore these emotions in a supportive space.


During this class, we will explore some of the theory and concepts behind playing with vulnerability in rope, including ways of protecting everyone’s emotional safety. We’ll teach techniques for face, neck and hair rope, will look at positions in rope that create vulnerability and how to use these when tying, and will cover the basics of crotch rope on all body types.


For this class, you’ll only need to know how to tie a single column tie, and ideally some basic rope handling. If you’ve been to any of our Beginner’s Classes, you will have the skills you need for this class.


All events are subject to our COVID-19 rules, this includes booking in pairs with a pre-arranged tying partner. Full details can be found in our Covid Policy


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