Tying the Mind: Hypnosis-informed rope – 18th September

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Imaginatrix, tied and hypnotised by Sinister

Tying the Mind: Hypnosis-informed rope

‘Rope-space’ is so often described as trance-like by those who experience it. But how can we be more intentional with the hypnotic possibilities that come with a rope scene?
In this class, Sinister Denial and HypnoHedonista will introduce some basic hypnotic techniques for use in rope. We’ll cover how you can use rope to create a trance; rope as a metaphor, and how to create effective suggestions through these metaphors; using desires and attitude to inform the psychological flavour of a scene; and “mind reading” your partner.

Pre-requisites: This class is aimed at those looking to improve the experiential aspects of rope scenes. The only basic requirement is a single column tie and some knowledge of tensions. Some background knowledge of hypnosis will be helpful but not necessary.


Sinister (@sinisterdenial) has been experimenting with, teaching, and generally passionate about hypnosis for five years. She now produces hypnotic videos as one half of the production company Mesmerotic, and runs a second studio, EdgeSluts, focused on her other area of expertise: T&D. She’s enthusiastic about teaching hypnosis and helping it to be as accessible as possible to newcomers or giving scene veterans new tools to use in their play. She practises more general kink alongside hypnosis in her daily life, and delights in finding new ways to combine them. She offers professional sessions, tuition and other services online and off, in addition to her paid and free content on Patreon and OnlyFans. She is in a 24/7 ownership dynamic with Trix.

Imaginatrix (@hypnohedonista) has a passion for hypnotic hedonism. As well as being a ride or die kinkster, Trix works full-time as a hypnotic content creator, Domme, and BDSM educator. An eternal switch, her hunger for hypnosis is boundless, whether she’s melting minds or being mesmerised.
She is a certified hypnotist trained in Intregrative Hypnosis Sexual Freedom Hypnosis® techniques, and organises the only monthly erotic hypnosis class in the UK. She makes up the other half of Mesmerotic and brings her erotic hypnosis to OnlyFans and Patreon. She loves deep-diving into hypnotic technique and thinks hypnosis is an incredible tool for connection and pleasure. She is also Sinister’s possession, and hypnosis is a core part of their dynamic.

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