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Gunnyb0y (HE/HIM)


Gunnyb0y is a queer kinkster, tantrika, and BDSM educator with a fascination for what lies beyond our minds. Not that the mind is all bad, it does a great job of protecting us, however, by design it also contains and restrains our potential, often manifesting this in shame, fear, or guilt. Through rope, Andy helps create safe(r) containers to help release these energies in playful ways, allowing us to connect with our source, power, and bliss. His approach is trauma-informed and he has a keen awareness of power, intersectionality, and consent.

For more about him and to book private sessions, please check out Instagram @gunnyb0y

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Amethyst is a Trans Lesbian and bottoming skills teacher. She’s been an avid bottom for the last 4 years and has learned a myriad of lessons that she’s keen to pass on to you! Rope is a two-way street and Amethyst wants to make you aware of the power you have while being tied and while being as safe as you choose to be.

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Quartz is an LGBTQ+, neurodivergent and disabled rope practitioner, performer and teacher.

They blend Japanese-informed rope bondage with trauma-informed touch, biomechanics and grounding techniques. They have a background in theatre and mental health, and bring this knowledge/experiences to their rope practice.
As well as teaching at Brighton Rope, Quartz does artistic collaborations, performances, private rope classes and tying sessions.

To see more about Quartz, or to book in, see their website.

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Obsidian is a Bi Switch, who believes that variety is the spice of life and loves all aspects of rope. Not only does he enjoy experiencing new things, but he also loves helping others explore the joys of rope in a safe consensual way.